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Electronic Whistle #1602

Model: D&G1602

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The Palm Sized Electronic Whistle gurantees a loud, consistent sound during usage. Hand operation guarantees improved hygiene.

Two distinctive tones helps players differentiate between coaches and officials during multi-field sporting events and team practices.

Ideal for safety inspectors, coaches, teachers, ball games, camping trips and boating.

It can be used in all temperatures and environments.

Whistle sound can be aimed in a specific direction.

For Safety, whistle sound should be aimed away from user.

Design: CR2032 battery x 4pcs; 2 tone function - tone 1 / tone 2 with off switch.

Sound Power: exceeds 120 dB

Size: 13cm long x 3.5cm wide

Comes with detachable wrist loop lanyard, drawstring pouch, a battery pry-bar, 4 CR2032 batteries within and an additional 4 CR2032 spare batteries

Weight 0.1060
Color Black
Dimensions No
Type No
Badge Limit 0

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